Geoff Ivanac

The Real Life Financial Planner

Geoff Ivanac The Real Life Financial Planner

Geoff Ivanac

The Real Life Financial Planner

My background and experience, enable me to view financial planning through a different lens to the average financial planner.

Life Transitions

I’ve worked with many clients in the role of accountant, tax advisor and estate planning and succession planning consultant. I’ve also worked with experts in accounting, taxation, investment management, estate planning and transition planning.

The major reason I have noticed that financial plans, estate plans and succession plans have not worked out as expected, is the lack of planning for the next phase of life. It is assumed that the next step in life, be it retirement, selling a business or changing to a new job will be easy.

A key element to making a change is in planning your next step in life and then using financial planning, tax planning and estate planning strategies to support this transition.


Real Life Financial Planning has as it foundation an understanding of the complex accounting and legal structures required to protect assets and minimise the impact of taxation. But, it also requires an understanding of also the non-technical and non-financial matters that help us to make good decisions that create the right balance between wealth and fulfillment.

I apply this knowledge and experience to help my clients as a Real Life Financial Planner.

Who I do my best work for

While the principles work for everyone, I know who I can be of most assistance to.

Time poor professionals, executives and business owners who are likely to:

  • Be paying a lot of tax and finding themselves unsure about the best pathway for them to follow-
  • Require financial advice over financial product
  • Require an advice partner to work through the various options about their next step in life
  • Require clarity about their financial affairs to make informed decisions
  • Are contemplating a career change or a sale of their business
  • Have just experienced a significant life change such as retrenchment or divorce.


  • Chartered Accountant (CA), qualified with KPMG, member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand for 30 years.
  • Fellow Chartered Financial Planning Practioner (FChFP), member of the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA).
  • Transition Planning Consultant (TPC).


  • Bachelor Business (Acc, law) (Curtin)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Business (Acc)(Curtin)
  • Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning (FINSIA)
  • Graduate Certificate in Self-Managed Superannuation – University of Adelaide.

What real life means to me

The term real life means something a bit different to everyone.

To me, it means that despite our best attempts things don’t always go to plan. It’s also a reminder that we have the option of filling our days with things that are meaningful to us in addition to the things that we have to do, like earning a living and domestic duties.

What’s meaningful to me is spending time with my family, being active in my local community and a swim, walk or surf at the beach wherever I can. I also like to make a difference to peoples lives with the work that I do.

The ocean is a strong symbol of personal freedom to me that I have chosen it as part of the branding for my business. 

Geoff Ivanac Surfing

Geoff Ivanac

Geoff Ivanac CA, FChFP, TPC is an Authorised Representative (309751) and an employee and director of Everblue Consulting Pty Ltd trading as Real Life Financial Planning (ABN 34 162 924 512), which is a Corporate Authorised Representative (234459), of Australian Unity Personal Financial Services Limited (AFSL 234459).

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