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The Real Life Financial Planner

Geoff Ivanac The Real Life Financial Planner

Geoff Ivanac

The Real Life Financial Planner

Hi, my name is Geoff Ivanac, and I want to know what your life’s purpose is.
Now I know what you are thinking, this isn’t your usual type of question to find on a financial planner’s page, but I’m not your usual financial planner. You see, I’m deeply concerned with your Ikigai, because as someone who believes they’ve found their own, I realize the important role it can play in ensuring your future happiness.

So, what is Ikigai exactly? Well, it’s a Japanese concept which roughly translates to “reason for being.” When placing this concept in the context of your career, financial and personal life, it encourages you to ask probing questions such as ‘what’s your purpose or what’s your reason for getting up in the morning?’ and ‘what is it that you hope to accomplish?’

But where do Ikigai and financial planning meet?

Well, after learning about Ikigai and framing it in relation to my background and experience in the financial planning profession, I suddenly realized something profound; most financial, estate and succession plans don’t work out because they failed to take into account the next phase of life, a phase driven by purpose or what I like to call Ikigai. And it was in this realization where I found my own Ikigai or career’s purpose; to help other’s find a balance between head and heart when it comes to their own financial planning.

Financial Harmony

At Real Life Financial Planning, we find this balance between head and heart by incorporating both the logical side of financial planning with your meaning of real life. An example of the methodical and logical side would include the understanding of complex accounting and legal structures required to create wealth, protect assets and minimise impact of taxation. And when it comes to heart/non-financial matters,  we take the time to understand your reason for being as well as your drive for the future in order to formulate a plan that incorporates both wealth and fulfilment.

Who Can Benefit

While this approach to financial planning works for everyone, it is particularly beneficial for time poor professionals, executives and business owners who are looking for financial advice over a financial product who have been successful in accumulating assets and wish to continue to build upon their success in the next phase of their life but also to find meaning and joy in what  they are doing on a daily basis and avoid having regrets later in life.

You see, I actually want to see you succeed which is why I go above and beyond just leaving you with a financial plan. Those who select my services get to experience real life heart centred advice on how to financially work through the next steps of life.

Whether your next chapter was planned or brought on suddenly by retrenchment or divorce, I’m here to make sure you’re prepared and equipped to succeed. In addition to this,  I’m also able to assist those contemplating a career change or a sale of their business.

No matter what your individual financial plan encompasses, you’ll be left with the clarity and tools you need to make informed financial decisions about whatever life throws at you in the future.


  • Chartered Accountant (CA), qualified with KPMG, member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand for 30 years.
  • Fellow Chartered Financial Planning Practioner (FChFP), member of the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA).
  • Transition Planning Consultant (TPC).


    • Bachelor Business (Acc, law) (Curtin)
    • Post Graduate Diploma in Business (Acc)(Curtin)
    • Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning (FINSIA)
    • Graduate Certificate in Self-Managed Superannuation – University of Adelaide.

      What Real Life Means to Me

      The term real life means something different to everyone. To me, it means that despite our best attempts, things don’t always go according to plan however with foresight we are able to plan for the forks in the road ahead of us and make the most of our opportunities and current situation.

      Despite this uncertainty, every day we get to choose how we spend our time, filling it with activities that are meaningful and performing our daily duties, like earning a living and running a home. Make no mistake though, there is great power in finding joy in the ordinary, because that’s when it becomes extraordinary. Take my career for example, where I find great joy in making positive differences in the lives of the people I work with.

      Outside of my work, I find purpose by spending time with my family, supporting  them in various endeavours. Being active in my local community or spending time at the beach and enjoying the environment I live in.  I also enjoy doing laps of my local pool training for my next open water swim. Every day I choose to live my life purposefully, allow me to help you create a plan that enables you to do the same.

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      Geoff Ivanac

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