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Use your money to get the most out of life

In almost every area of life, we’re rewriting the rules

We live in a time where information is available at the stroke of a keyboard and we can “Google” anything we need to know about life and money. Despite having access to so much information, many find themselves paralysed by indecision.

We work tirelessly in our chosen profession to get a foothold on the property ladder and our children educated in good schools. We earn more money than our parents dared to dream about, but, we have high debts, pay a lot of tax and find ourselves wondering whether there’s more to life.

Our most valuable asset is choice

The most significant way that we are better off than our parents and grandparents, is the ability to choose how we live our lives.

Real Life Financial Planning Perth

“In preparing for battle, I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower

Have you found yourself wondering

  • Whether you’ll have to do the work you’re doing now forever?
  • How you can make the most of the opportunities you have available to you now?
  • Whether you could find a way of pursuing your passions at some point in the future?
  • Whether your best years are still ahead of you?
  • What you will do with yourself if you’re forced to retire before you’re ready?

If so, then you are not alone. These are just some of the real life questions that our clients ask us for financial advice.

The planning process is more important than the plan itself

Most financial planners, prepare a financial plan after one or two meetings based on financial goals that you have hardly spent any time thinking about beforehand.

These financial goals are based on a set of conditions playing out perfectly and life unfolding in a straight line without any hiccups or bumps along the away. It does not take into consideration real life events such as changing employment, divorce, caring for ageing parents, retrenchment, children staying at home longer or the impact of share market corrections.

Your why

A Real Life Financial Plan is developed after a collaborative and thorough planning process which establish real life goals based on what is really important to you.

The process provides you with the skills and tools to be able to make good decisions for the life you’re living right now and the life you’re working towards when you retire.

Real Life Financial Planning Perth

“There are known knowns and unknown unknowns” Donald Rumsfeld

The real life financial planning process helps you understand how your past has shaped your present beliefs about money. It covers how well you’re using the money you have right now to improve your financial and personal well-being and what you’re doing to position yourself for the future..

It also helps you to prepare for life events, some of which you know about and others which you don’t know about.

“Life is not a dress rehearsal” Rose Tremain

The real life planning process helps you to explore what is possible based on your current circumstances and helps you to explore and realise unfulfilled dreams for both you and your family.

One comprehensive  document

A Real Life Financial Plan brings all this information together in a comprehensive document.

Real Life Financial Planning Perth
It offers insights into the financial strategies and legal and accounting structures that may be available to you to optimise your position

The process takes between four and six weeks depending on your situation, goals and complexity.

How do you know if you need a real life financial plan?

If you need answers to questions like these, then a real life financial plan might help you plan for the future:

● How do I optimise my current position?
● How can I pay less tax?
● How do I find a balance between life and wealth?
● How do I find clarity

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Real Life Financial Planning Perth
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