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Make your next 50 your best 50 and live an “Inspired Retirement”

How much thought have you put into what retirement could look like for you?

Every successful journey starts with a plan

If you wanted to drive to a new destination, would you put the destination into your Google Maps app and let it guide you there, or would you pull out of your driveway and hope to find it eventually?

By allocating time now to consider what you want your retirement to be, you’ll give yourself a better chance of achieving those goals, particular if you have ten or twenty years more before you retire.

What should we be aiming for as we move towards retirement?

When retirement came into being, it was a refuge for older workers from the backbreaking physical labour that was unsustainable past a certain age, and to make way for the younger generation.yo

Now, few of us work in such physical occupations, making continued employment in some capacity past the legal retirement age not only possible, but an excellent option for keeping us happy and healthy.

Real Life Retirement Coaching Perth

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

How much money will we need to retire?

Returns on share portfolios, investment properties and superannuation funds are varying more than ever due to global economic and political volatility.

Other factors include the needs of our ageing parents who are living longer than anticipated and our children who are staying at home longer due to higher housing prices and career uncertainties.

The rules might be changing but the fundamentals are the same.

Regardless of what the forecast returns are or how much retirement savings you have , you need to have some idea of what retirement will look like for you, which is where “Real Life Retirement Coaching” beomes imperative.

How this coaching program works

Whether you’re training for the Olympics or preparing for retirement, we know that an effective coach or mentor will help you reach a goal more quickly than if we go it alone.

Real Life Retirement Coaching is staged over 4 weeks approximately 5 years before your planned retirement. The program is personal and helps you to develop a vision of a retirement that would make you happy taking into consideration your own unique characteristics, interests and passions.

We help you explore the options for retirement across ten different areas and examine what you will miss from your employment or business to guard against rash decisions that people sometimes make as they come to terms with a big change in their life.

Real Life Retirement Coaching Perth

What you will get from a real life retirement coaching program

At the completion of your program you will have a well considered plan for the next chapter of your life. This plan will set out milestones in a time plan that you can adjust and change depending on how your life unfolds.

It will give you everything you need to prepare a retirement income workbook that will help you align your retirement income requirements with your income sources.

The benefits of real life retirement coaching

Planning for retirement can feel a bit like solving a formula with more unknowns than knowns. But it’s possible to reduce the list of unknowns and come up with a strategy that has enough flexibily to cope with the ups and downs of real life.

My retirement coaching programs take a dynamic format depending on your needs. By completing the program you will have a foundation for the preparation of your Real Life Financial Plan. You will be able to prioritise your retirement income requirements and remove the anxiety from planning your retirement.

How do you know if real life retirement coaching is right for you?

If you’re looking for answers to questions like this, then retirement coaching could help you plan more effectively for the future:

  • What could retirement look like for me?
  • When should I retire?
  • How much money will I need before I can think of retiring?
  • Am I on the right track with the investments that I currently have?
  • How could I pursue my passions and dreams in retirement?
  • How could a multi-stage retirement plan work for me? 

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