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We explore every aspect of your financial life, to create a Financial Plan that provides you with Financial Harmony.

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Do you struggle with:

  • Paying too much tax
  • Poor investment decisions
  • Not being able to afford your “bucket list”
  • Cash flow
  • Family disharmony
  • No plan for life in retirement
  • Missed opportunities
  • Saving for retirement
  • Letting ‘fate’ dictate your life

We Act As Your Financial Guide

At Real Life Financial Planning, we understand the need to feel financially safe and secure. We understand the need for ‘Financial Harmony’

What we do is create a comprehensive financial plan to achieve your head and heart (real life) goals. Our guidance is tailored to your individual circumstances, priorities, and background taking into consideration your complete financial situation- including your existing accounting and legal structures.

We may have over 50 years of combined experience in chartered accounting, taxation, estate planning, financial planning, and succession planning but do not consider ourselves to be experts but explorers, always searching for new and innovative ways to guide you on your journey.

Real Life Financial Planning is a life centred financial advisory firm, with extensive experience in accounting, taxation, estate planning, financial planning and succession planning. We have helped people at all stages of life with different aspects of their individual financial, retirement and estate planning needs and given them an understanding of their individual story, including where they have come from, what is impacting their life right now and what may be on the horizon to help clarify their “real life” goals.

We believe that the true benefit of financial planning is to help you to live a long and happy life and achieve financial harmony. We do this by providing you with a pathway for you to follow to improve your financial wellbeing, prepare for life events including retirement and create, protect and preserve your wealth for multiple generations

How We Can Help You.

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Estate Planning

Deciding how you will pass on your wealth can be complex but very rewarding and is very personnel. We guide you on how to prepare and implement your estate plan so that your wealth and wisdom is kept in your family for multiple generations.


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Financial Planning

We believe that most people can benefit from comprehensive financial advice when it is provided in a human and not money centred way. We act as your guide to help you make the most of your opportunities, pursue your passions and live a complete purposeful life..


Real Life Retirement Coaching Perth

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Retirement Coaching

We believe retirement is a journey and not a destination. We help you plan your own unqiue retirement journey so that are you not only financially secure for the rest of your life, but also have a plan for the many different phases of your retirement that can, make it the best time of your life.


5 Minute Reads About Financial Planning, Estate Planning And Retirement Coaching

Real Life Path ( How we work together)

We understand how important it is to find someone to trust with your money and life. Our Real Life Path helps you to find
financial harmony between your past, presence and future to find complete personal fulfillment.

8 ways to avoid retirement planning mistakes

Step 1. Your Story

We explore your beliefs around money, and the journey you have travelled so far, to understand your story and how your experiences are going to influence your future

How much income do I need for retirement

Step 2. Your Presence

We review your financial situation including your legal, tax and accounting structures, so that we can identify any gaps and develop strategies that are in sync with your existing networks. We also review your financial wellbeing and find out if you are living in the moment, enjoying life and not regretting the past and fearing the future.

8 ways to avoid retirement planning mistakes

Step 3. Your Future

Your future is only limited by your imagination. We consider your possibilities and also your probabilities. We consider what events you would like to happen and what events may happen, so that you can prepare in advance and make decisions with the benefit of foresight.

8 ways to avoid retirement planning mistakes

Step 4. Your Real Life Financial Plan

Your financial plan is based on your real life goals and not money centred goals. Whilst your financial plan is comprehensive, it is not the end of your journey, but the beginning. The financial plan provides a framework to find your purpose, pursue your passions, explore possibilities and to adapt and change as your life journey unfolds.

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We Exist to Inspire Ideas, Create Confidence and Give You the Freedom to Live

It is common to feel stuck, uncertain, or overwhelmed. But that is where a financial plan can help.

We believe financial planning should be provided in a human and not robotic way and that everyone should have the opportunity to benefit from a financial guide who puts your life at the centre of their process.

Our role is to act as your guide, as we work together to find out which pathway you should take and what legacy you wish to leave. We don’t have all the answers, however we know what questions to ask and how to find the right answers by collaborating with your trusted advisers to help you on your journey.

We provide you with a framework that will prepare you for the forks in the road and the decisions that you need to make as your life and circumstances of those that you care for change.

We provide you with the tools and knowledge to recognize where you are at now, see your possibilities and opportunities, prepare for life events, clarify your real life goals and help you to achieve complete personal fulfilment and the freedom to live.

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Finding financial harmony doesn’t have to be complicated. You just need to be willing to take the steps necessary to plan for the future and ensure you get the most out of life. Download the attached e-book to find out how you can make a start on finding financial harmony and planning for retirement on your own terms.

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